Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas wrap-up

Merry Christmas to all! I think it was a good idea to have folks over Christmas morning after all, though I’m not totally committed to doing this every year. Right before the brunch I thought I was a little loony to be inviting an assortment of people over on a day when most folks don't even leave the house and just soak in the quietness of the day. I even swore I wouldn't do it next year before the brunch had started! I think the worst part was finishing up cleaning the house on Christmas morning (tidying up bird cages is the worst, but I don't want guests to see what messes birds REALLY are). I got sort of frazzled and depressed, so I just made myself stop and get on my knees to pray that God would take my depression away and help me to stop focusing on myself and to instead focus on Him and on helping others enjoy the morning.

We ended up having a dozen or so folks come over, and amazingly most showed up right at 11am! The friends that came over were an assortment as I predicted: a single friend, two whose spouse was out of town or didn't want to socialize, a couple whose children from a previous marriage went off to the other parent’s for the day, and a few families with kids which made it a great and balanced mix. It was a nice morning with lots of conversation that went through several pots of coffee and most of the food. I really enjoyed chatting with everyone, especially getting to know the family of 6 that came over representing 3 generations.

My husband and I didn't have time to open up all of our own presents until after everyone left. He was a gem and even put up with me being in my day-of-party-panic mode for a little while. After an afternoon nap we then went to the latest Bond movie. So, that made it a busy day and very enjoyable overall (with only a little bout of a pity party). Today - WHEW - holiday is over.

Will I do this again next year? I think I will, though I wouldn't say this is quite a tradition yet. My grandmother and her sisters/brothers always held a huge Christmas brunch. It was not just a tradition it was a prominent annual event, it served as the ending punctuation for the year. I certainly don't think this brunch will quite have that significance in my life or others, not yet anyway, but I do think it will be a nice respite for people in similar positions to enjoy...and a way to surround myself with a "family" of friends at a time that could be very lonely.

I hope your Christmas morning was wonderful in its own way, and that you found some time to enjoy the day too!

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