Saturday, December 27, 2008

Goodbye Google Ad Sense

Faithful readers (all four of you) may have noticed that I have had the Google Ad Sense gadget on this blog. Google Ad Sense of course promises a small check in the mail as advertising payment once you achieve a certain threshold of visits and click throughs. I don't really have a mission to have a huge number of visitors, and also have not received any checks in the mail, but left it up on the site nonetheless. The ads are contextual and are selected based on the content on the page. Initially I watched them and they appeared to be innocuous, probably as I didn't have much content up yet.

However, I checked out the ad Google Ad Sense put on my blog today. It was a link to, described as "a social site where adults who have chosen to be childfree can meet and get to know one another." I visited the site...yikes. While the premise is helpful, I just can't relate to many of the folks who post there. Most of the posters either a) celebrate being "childfree" (like children are a disease or parasites) to the point of criticizing and mocking "breeders," or b) clearly make choices that are self-centered even to the point of not caring what their spouse feels about the child/no-child decision in the marriage.

I'm glad there are places for people with those sentiments. I have been gravitating toward other forums such as Childless Not By Choice which has been very supportive, is more Christ-centered and is more sensitive to the complex nature of this issue.

In the meantime, goodbye HNK and goodbye Google Ad Sense.

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