Saturday, October 24, 2009

A blog about this blog

This blog has been up for almost a year, and last week I checked out the Google Analytics trending results. I looked at the traffic sources, and reviewed the keywords that individuals typed into the search engines to find this site.

Here is the list. Read it, and at the end I’ll tell you my reaction. I wonder if it will match up with yours.

childless not by choice
childless church
childless in church
childless couples church
childless pastor
support groups for childless women
"childless women "+"the church"
"childless women"+"church"
"focus on the family" "have children" or "have kids"
"til children do us part"
articles on childlessness
bible childlessness
bible verses "today is the day the lord has made"
bible verses of encouragement for couples trying to get pregnant
biblical encouragement for childless women
blog "childless not by choice"
blogs written by women who have decided not to have children
books dealing with childless not by choice
books on childless not by choice
childfree couples church
childless church member
childless couples by choice judged in churches
childless couples painful
childless couples, church
childless deeply wounded
childless in the church
childless not by choice hurts
childless not by choice not infertile
childless pastor couples
childless pastors
childless second class
childless support groups
childless women bible
childless women by choice
childless women support group
childlessness and hope
childlessness grandchildren
childlessness in biblical times
childlessness prayer
childlessness support
children's lessons for psalm 46:1
christian book about woman who can't have children
christian church childless couples
church and childlessness
church childless couple
church childlessness
church for childless couples
coping with being over 40 and childless
dealing with childlessness
delayed motherhood arguments
delaying marriage personal growth
divorced, childless and over 40
faith and childlessness
first time motherhood late 30's
focus on the family + childless
forgot to have kids
getting over being childless
getting over not having children
helping the childless
how can church help infertile couples
how churches can help infertile helping pastors on mothers day
i feel like i don't belong at church because i'm infertile
infertile couples who never have children
is church relevant to childless couples
jesus healing for childlessness
mid-life crisis childless
midlife crisis no childless
new mothers should be sensitive to childless friends
no i did not forget to have children
no place in the church for women without children
pastor childless
resources for women who can’t have children
stones for childless
support group for childless women
support groups for older childless women
support groups, childless
the childless pastor
the church and childlessness
ttc midlife
why did i not get to have kids
will i ever get over being childless
women forgetting to have children -quotes
women who didn't have children
christian book about woman who can't have children not by choice

My first reaction: Heartbreak for all these women in pain. Amazed at how women can feel so lonely and in pain in their church community. Heartbreak for pastor’s wives that cannot conceive. Sadness that women (and men?) turn to search engines to help find answers to their grief.

Clearly, such a list is driven from the content on the site. I took a few anomalies off this list that referenced authors and book titles mentioned in this blog, etc. There is one article on the site from 12/2008 called “Childless in Church” which obviously drew in much of the traffic. Obviously, dealing with this issue of being childless not by choice is something that is painful to deal with for others too, and that one place we turn to find resources is the Internet.

My second reaction, however, was that I should reach out to my church and make sure they are sensitive to the needs of the congregation. (In process!)

My third reaction - perhaps I should revisit my friend’s idea of starting a bible study for like-minded women in church to connect, praise God, and get to know one another. I’d hate to think that I am attending worship service on Sunday and sitting next to other women in my same position who go home and address their feelings by turning to the Internet, alone.

Instead, we should be turning to each other and the bible for comfort, support, and hope.

I don't remember posting Psalm 46:1 in a previous post, but guess I must have. I am glad to be reminded of it now.

"God is our refuge and strength,
an ever-present help in trouble."
-Psalm 46:1

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